Now, on to the Weft.

Weft yarn is wound onto a pirn, which is placed inside the shuttle.

The loom is then treadled according to the patterns you have chosen.  The treadling sequence is the other half of what determines your pattern.  Each time the loom is treadled a different set of harnesses (the wooden frames holding the white heddles in the photo) are raised, causing different warp threads to rise.  The shuttle is then thrown into the "shed", or space between the raised and resting warp threads.  This interlacement of warp and weft forms the cloth. 

Units are woven in succession until all of the warp is woven into cloth.  Filler yarn is placed between each unit to mark the fringe of the individual units.  As the cloth forms, it is wound around a roller on the loom for storage.

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