Loom Set Up, Step Two:

Threading the Loom.

The loom has a series of "harnesses", wooden frames that move up and down.  Each harness holds a number of "heddles", string (or metal) pieces with an eye at the center.  Each warp end is then threaded through the eye of one heddle.  The sequence of this threading is determined by the "set up" that you choose.  Threading is half of what determines your pattern.


Each warp end is then further threaded thru one of the spaces (dents) in the reed...


...and then tied on to a rod at the front of the loom.



Shown here is an overview from the front of the loom after set up is complete. 

Note the warp is wound around the beam at the back of the loom (near the top of the photo). 

Each warp end is threaded through one of the white heddles at center photo...

...then further threaded through the reed (my hand is holding the wooden beater which secures the reed in place)...

 ...and then tied to the metal bar at the front of the loom (bottom of photo).




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